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Business Blog – Google

According to Wikipedia Business blog is also call as Cooperate Blogging. It is published and used by an organization to reach its organizational goals. Nowadays, all major browsers (including Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer 7) support RSS technology, which enables readers to easily read recent posts without actually visiting the blog, which is very useful for low-volume blogs.

Business Blog can be divided in two categories such as internal and external. According to the lecture 7 of Enterprise 2.0, internal is a blog that any employee can see (corporation’s Intranet) while external is more dedicate for the company employees, teams, or spokespersons where they can share their views about a new product or a services.

An external blog is a publicly available weblog where company employees, teams, or spokespersons share their views

Let’s discuss about Google’s business blog including the benefits and pitfalls of blogging within organizations.

Google describe their blogs as

“Whether it’s a product or feature launch or a cool new initiative, chances are that you’ll read about most news from Google on one of our blogs. We started blogging in May of 2004 and now have a network of company blogs that cover topics as diverse as our renewable energy policies, product updates, developer challenges and code snippets, and information for advertisers and partners.”

Google’s business blogging strategies – external

Definitively, Google has created a particular blog for almost every service they provide, for instance,

If you are interesting in the area of research, Google has a blog where Google publish the latest new on Google Research so you can be update with any important information. Moreover, Google has a student blog where it has the new and updates especially for students.

The main two benefits that can be recognized in Google’s business blogging strategies may include:

  • Blog are simple to create and maintain.
  • Attract prospects and develop new business opportunities.

Google not only use blog to interact with people around the world. It also uses twitter and youtube.

Of course, there are some pitfalls of business blogging such as,

Post often and well. It gives the readers a reason to come back regularly. There are many business blogging that have been forgotten by the user just because the lack information update.

Use images, audio and video content to spice things up. Some blog are very plan (just word) and don’t attract people to it. People are different and no everyone like same ‘boring’ writing.

Don’t just write for write things. Always remember who your audience is – who you are dealing with and avoid writing about things that are outside of your specializations.

 Google’s business blogging strategies – internal

I did some research but I could not find something about it. So if you know something about don’t forget to comment. I would love to know about it….


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  1. September 8, 2010 at 2:45 pm

    Google said it was easy to maintain their business blog? I beg to differ, it’s personally hard for me because you have to post frequently in order to attract more readers.

    Anyways, here’s an article of Google’s internal blog and how they actually utilize it within their organization. They’ve actually implemented it since 2003. Hope it helps!

    • October 3, 2010 at 9:05 am

      Amiel, Perhaps the ease of maintenance here is due to the fact that Google has thousands of employees who contribute towards the blog? This is an increasing trend (I’ve covered a similar use of blogging platforms on my blog) where organizations let employees spend some of their project time on social activities like blogs, with a loosely tied expectation that at least some of the content is professionally relevant. What they find is that these initiatives oftener than not turn into brilliant showcases of employee engagement and productivity.

  2. September 9, 2010 at 12:59 pm

    Well, I do find hard to maintain my blog (post frequently) but I believe after you see it as part of your life, It wont be hard to write a ‘simple’ blog.
    I guess that is why personal blog and business blog are different. I think it is easy to maintain when you have something to write about. Google is a big company and has a lot to share (product or feature launch or a cool new initiative) and not only in one partocular topic…Google write about different topics such as their renewable energy policies, product updates, developer challenges and code snippets….. As a result, I believe it could make easy to set up (create) or maintain a blog and keep the reader attracted to them…

    Dont you think????

    Thank for the article even though it is not a current one . The article have good information tho.

  3. mattjohnstone
    September 15, 2010 at 12:18 pm

    Great article. The Google blog is a great marketing strategy for Google, and from what I’ve read of their blog they seem to use it mainly to release product information and to include other information that enhances their brand (for example, their initiatives show their fun and often socially responsible image). One of the major advantages for providing information releases through a blog (as opposed to a press release) means that information is provided as-is, and no person or publication can twist the words of the organisation because social media will link it back to the blog to be read first-hand, and anyone trying to say otherwise can be completely disproven by a single link to the blog. Blogs give almost complete public relations control back to organisations. Microblogging for PR purposes also has many of the same advantages (any many different ones).

  4. October 3, 2010 at 9:08 am

    Great article Paola..! My only critique of your post is that “Post often and well.” is not so much a pitfall as it is a guideline for maintaining successful blogs. Perhaps you might consider re-phrasing that a bit.

    Overall, I believe your blog captured the essential factors in the successful deployment of Google’s blog for its’ employees.

    Shri Ram.

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