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Web VS Web 2.0

Firstly, what is a web 2.0? Is it just a web? Hmm well I believe it is more than a web. It is like the second generation of WWW (Web World Wide) which move away from static web sites to more dynamic web sites. It is definitively not refer to any definite change in the technology internet, but more about the behaviour of how people use the internet. Social networking, wiki, blog, podcast are just examples of web 2.0. Web 2.0 let us to put in the internet what we think about a particular topic and get a response of what other think about it.

 Google Calendar – Time Management

 Once we’ve wasted time, its gone-it cannot be replaced

We cannot manage time. We cannot control how much time we have. But we can control how we use it. We cannot choose whether to spend it, but only how.

So, Google Calendar is a FREE web application developed by Google that helps you to control/ organize your everyday schedule and don’t let you miss anything.

Benefits of having a Google Calendar

  • Reduce Stress
  • Balance life
  • Increase productivity
  • Achieve goals

But is just not about organize or control your everyday schedule is more about:


CollectiveX – Social Collaboration

Make thing happen!

Social Collaboration allows the user to share their ideas, information to achieve any common goal.

Groupsite.com – CollectiveX – is a multi-purpose social collaboration platform that allows groups of all types and sizes to easily communicate share and network. As a result, make things happen.

Benefits of having a CollectiveX

  • Stay informed daily, weekly or monthly
  • Share and organize any file type
  • Share links and attach anything anywhere
  • Very selective
  • And much more
  • Check it out http://www.groupsite.com/features

Twitter – Social Networking /Micro-blogging

Social Networking: is a space dedicated to a group of people who share a common interest.

Micro-Blogging: is just another type of blog but as it name (micro) says it is smaller than a normal blog.

Twitter: is another web 2.0 tools that allow the user to insert a brief message updates (up to 140 characters) or small side of a video/photo to be publish in their pages. Moreover, it is a real time information network developed by people around the world.

Benefits of having twitter

Overall, if we notice that all those tools have something in common which is share and publish something in the network and let other people comment on it. That is what web 2.0 is about.

 As I say before web 2.0 is about write down with your own word about something and not copy what other people have wrote in a book.


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  1. August 8, 2010 at 12:45 pm

    I agree with those benefits of having an electronic calendar (and in your case Google Calendar).

    My calendar through Microsoft Outlook (which is synced with Google Calendar).

    Out of the four advantages you listed, I feel these two apply to me mostly:
    – Increase productivity
    – Achieve goals

    All my calendar information, tasks and appointments are synced between mobile (Windows Mobile), desktop (Microsoft Outlook) and the cloud (Google Calendar).

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